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This cover protects your balance sheet from fraudulent or dishonest activities carried out by employees or outside third parties or collusion between internal staff and external parties such as suppliers. Cover includes the costs of specialist pre-investigative services to help you establish and quantify your loss.

For additional premium the policy can be extended to include cover for:

  • Any single claim (as opposed to aggregated limits) basis
  • Care custody and control
  • Damage Destruction or Disappearance of Money or Securities
  • Fees, costs and expenses to defend a claim resulting directly from a covered financial loss
  • Fees, costs and expense of an Investigative Specialist
  • Fraud or dishonesty committed by an employee
  • Fraudulent acts committed by any other person
  • Fund Transfer Fraud
  • Impersonation Fraud
  • Worldwide basis


Cyber exposures are one of the top risk concerns for many companies but traditional insurance policies do not provide full cover for them. Most insurance policies either specifically exclude any Cyber related cover or provide only a very limited level of protection.

We can access specialist policies or optional extensions to include such risks as:

  • Third party liability for claims arising from a failure of your network security or breach of data.
  • Loss of income and operating expenses when business operations are interrupted or suspended due to a failure of network security.
  • Losses resulting from an extortion threat. This includes ransoms to end an extortion as well as fees incurred from specialist cyber extortion advisors.
  • Financial loss from fraudulent electronic fund transfers arising from a cybersecurity breach.
  • 24/7 response after a security breach or denial of service attack.
  • Contamination of someone else’s data with a virus.
  • Damages and defence costs in connection with a breach of intellectual property rights or negligence with electronic content.

The size and variety of businesses at the SME level are believed to make them a natural target for cybercrime and fraud because SME companies often hold customer data with lower levels of protection than major corporations.

Any business that holds or processes sensitive data or is reliant on computer technology is at risk. The WannaCry global cyberattack using hacking tools which crippled the NHS is only one high profile example. Similar, less publicised, attacks affect much smaller businesses daily and these are only expected to increase. Dealing with Cyber related incidents has not only a direct monetary impact but also ties up a business in dealing with potentially affected customers and regulators. It is believed that three quarter of business have already suffered some form of data security breach.

Goods In Transit

Protects your business against loss or damage of goods whilst being transported. If you carry goods for hire and reward you may be required to buy this cover by your customers.

We can help you to find the right insurer either as part of a combined package or, for larger risks, on a stand-alone basis.

Legal Expenses

The costs of obtaining legal advice to deal with a dispute or simply obtaining advice to prevent any difficulties on a particular matter can prove very expensive and create unbudgeted costs.

We can offer Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance which protects the cost of the legal advice and representation needed to defend legal rights relating to such issues as employment disputes, contracts disputes, property protection, injury (but not the compensation amounts) and tax protection. The package also includes Legal Advice, Tax Advice and Counselling Services.


This can include not only cover for goods whilst in transit by sea but also liability arising out of marine operations. We will help you to find the right insurer.

Personal Insurances

We continue to provide individual car, travel and house insurance cover for our existing individual customers. However, for new individual customers we only offer private car and travel insurance when it is part of a Commercial Business Insurance portfolio.

Working in partnership with JustTravel, we provide you with direct access to their leisure Travel Insurance products. Just enter your details here to obtain a quote: We receive an introductory fee from Just Travel, but we do not offer any advice or make any recommendations on the Travel policy sale and your relationship would be directly with Just Travel, not with Chadwick Insurances.

Trade Credit Insurance

Businesses have exposure to loss when they are not paid for goods or services that they provide. Trade Credit insurance is available to businesses wishing to protect their accounts receivable from losses due to credit risks such as protracted default or the insolvency or bankruptcy of their debtors. Political Risks cover is sometimes available as extension, for additional premium, to insure the risk of non-payment by foreign buyers due to currency issues, political unrest or expropriation.